Travel tips

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Check list for journey

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Car & Motobike

  • Check tires for auto reception !
    >> when in doubt change them
  • Check air pressure of spare tires!
    >> air pressure gauge – travel on gravel roads with lower air pressure
  • Check spare fuses !
    >> each accordingly to the fuse box
  • Whenever possible try and avoid driving in darkness !
    >> high danger of animals on the track
  • Difficult drives !
    >> pay attention


Not nearly as many traffic signs such as in most of the European States are to see traffic on the streets of the Philippines, but it is strongly recommended that to the few take seriously. Above all the characters with details of speeds indicate very often on sharp curves. Sudden braking and sudden evasive maneuver can lead to serious accidents on gravel roads.


First Aid Kit

First aid kit in the equipment should not be missing the standard first aid kit. In the medical equipment we turn to particularities in the checklist.



Camping clothes pegs purchased from GlobeTrotter requires less space than normal clothes pegs.



The best light sources to use on the island are ear or head lamps, as well as a slightly larger table lamp. Flashlights are sufficient for use in villages and towns. Glow sticks are extremely useful when batteries for lamps are at risk of running out. The bars lit  6 hours.


A reliable knife, combination pliers, a universal tool, and a storm-proof lighter are all basic necessities for camping.



Binoculars, a compass, a calculator, and your wallet or purse are all important items for orienting on the ground and with money transactions.

Repair Kits

Wooden screws, nails, twine, and clips should be packed into a small container. XYZ and cables should also be included in the container.


Remember to pack a power adapter, car charger, 12-220 V transformer, and a distribution lead.