Our Resort


sign-rizal-mabiniTake a breath and get ready to find your adventure amongst the paradise that we have discovered and would love to share with you. All our experience and knowledge has been acquired first-hand in the Philippines. We believe it is therefore only right to share this knowledge with others, who like us, are open to the vibrancy of other cultures, and seek truth and beauty in life. All the information provided on our website is from the perspective of everyday Europeans, whereby we hope to enlighten a little… inspire a little… and pique your interest in discovering the incredible slice of heaven that is the Palawan region.


And so it began, in March 2015 the land was purchased. At this time, there was only the main building and other than trees, one could only find the remains of previously demolished huts. This 3D picture shows the first idea for developing the property.

Bird´s eye view

from our coconut palm, our Narra (rain forest tree) and dron

Luft1            Luft3


360 degree view




20180317_160834            20180317_160914


to the beach is about 35 m.

resort01        resort02