Map of surrounding area


Puerto Princesa

The capital of the provincial island is a bustling location for shopping and holiday makers. KINABUCHS – Bar & Grill, as well as the karaoke temple RIKI are only two examples that you have to experience for yourself.

German Island

This uninhabited Island is one of the most divine outlaying islands that you, along with a guide and cook, should explore while Island Hopping and during you swimming or diving experience.

Tay Tay

In Tay Tay you can find a well preserved 18th century Spanish fort which was built to protect against the Moro pirates. In a high-up restaurant you will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay.

Sabang Cave

The underground river is the world’s longest subterranean river measuring at 6km. The river is on the World Heritage list and is only accessible by boat.


Close to Port Barton is a small waterfall that can be reached by foot or with a mountain bike.

Mangrove River

A ride with the Bangka on the Mangrove River offers you the possibility to discover the local flora and fauna of the area.

Village of the Batak

The Batak are amongst the indigenous inhabitants of the world, probably originating from the mountains of Thailand. Reaching this settlement, situated in the centre of Palawan is best with motorcycle or by bike.

Long Beach

The Long Beach is located in San Vicente, a, 18 km-long stretch of untouched heaven. In a few years however, this area will be changed by the development of many hotels.

El Nido

This small fishing village is located in a beautiful Bay, which is a paradise for divers with the surrounding offshore islands. Here, there are many small restaurants on the waterfront ranging from simple to lavish.